day fortytwo

fact number fortyseven: i’m one of those people who believe in horoscopes and whimsical thoughts, card readings, psychics… all that shit. does that make me naive? i don’t think so. i believe there is something to be said for having faith in higher powers, not Godly.. though that’s not a bad thing to have faith in… what i’m concerned with is the predictions about the future, what other people have studied and have generated, through their research… ideas and advice regarding the future the past and most importantly… the now, the present… these horoscopes, these general predictions help to guide the path to success.

and they’re pretty accurate.

you may think they’re too general to not be accurate… that all these people are doing is reading body language, vocal inflictions… but i think there’s something there.

today i read my horoscope, as i do from time to time when i’m looking for guidance and curious about what lies ahead… at this time, if you haven’t read yesterdays blog, please do because the connection between what your about to read today and what i posted yesterday is undeniable…

yesterdays horoscope was about love… “Are you falling for someone you know on the job, Virgo? If so, you might find out that your feelings are reciprocated. Your friend could telephone or e-mail and invite you out, away from work. Some other people might be present, but this won’t stop you from getting better acquainted and realizing that this relationship shows promise. The only problem is that you may have to keep it under your hat for a while, at least at work.”

“are you serious!” i thought…

it’s just funny how things fall into place, when i blogged yesterday i hadn’t read this horoscope. no clue. nothing. both were written on separate days, by separate people, yet both had a significant amount to do with the other. if i have learned nothing other than that there is truth in that which we are fastest to doubt, im satisfied.

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  1. Peggy said,

    do you not believe in God?

  2. i believe in God. i just also believe in things other than God. there’s a lot more out there then religion and the church subject its members to… that’s what im interested in.

  3. Makeup DIY said,

    Hi darling, sweet site! I genuinely appreciate this article.. I was wondering about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  4. Samantha Loffman said,

    Talk about freaky?! I agree with you. I definetly see the connection between the stars and how they affect our daily lives. With that said, i wonder, do you believe in fate/destiny? Or, do you feel that every single decision we make truly affects what happens next?

  5. Dear Makeup DIY,

    i do not have an RRS feed… or rather i don’t know what that means, when i figure it out or when i get one i will send it to you. thank you for showing interest!

  6. Hey Sam!

    i do believe in fate and destiny, there are too many unsolved coincidences to not… but i don’t think thats all there is to be said for the lives we lead and the “decisions” we make. in my opinion, fate is always there to guide you through life, the decisions we make obviously temporarily change the course of our lives but in the end our destiny is our destiny. some people may not understand this but it helps me get thru the day… knowing that i am merely a vehicle for my destiny takes a lot of the stress i have and places it in someone else’s hands for the time being.

    if i didn’t believe in this, i’m sure i’d be driving myself crazy trying to figure out what it is i am here to do. or i would be in a constant state of trying to figure out why life throws the surprises it throws. rather i take day by day hour by hour (well at least i try) decision by decision all with the mind set that everything will work out as it should in the end.

    belief and hope are two important factors in my life… believing in myself and having hope for the future is what keeps me going, fate will guide me in the right direction.

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