day sixty eight

Posted in finding myself: the journey every person must complete by Jacqueline Iannacone on February 28, 2010
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fact number fifty: i need to be more in tune. more involved with things, every-things.

for one: this blog. i have not posted anything for two weeks. two weeks is a long time. too long. thing is, just because i haven’t been blogging doesnt mean i havent been thinking about blogging. i missed it so much. my fingers just can’t stop typing because it feels so good just to be here again. in this seat. doing this. it is permanent. i will always be able to sit here, wherever here will be, i will be in the same place. my … my mind is in its own home, where the world surrounding me is mindless; senseless. all that matters is myself living in this moment, taking this time to myself to write about -to vent and express without complaining about- my life and my journey. it is mine. it is a growing, changing, timeless thing that i need to focus more on. i have to be involved in this thing -blogging- so i can use each day to my advantage. without waiting for tomorrow, or for when im going to sleep or for when i go home or for when i remind myself that i want to write today or for when i think of a brilliant blog and decide to not write something down, then is when i need to change my habits. then is when i need to decide. because all this life is is a list of decisions you choose to make each day. every little minute decision to not write something down, or to complain about that which you do not have or to blame others for your short comings directly reflects the life you want to life. with this in thought we need to realize that who you are lies in the decisions we make… every single day.

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