day sixty nine

fact number fifty one: i need to be more in tune. more involved with things, every-things.

for two: photography. i need to take the time to do my thing. to be me in my photos. this journey i have been on, taking an active role in visualizing my actions. by noting my flaws and my attributes i have grown and am more self conscious. it’s time for that sense of self to pull through my images and slap the viewer across the face without hesitation they know it’s a Jacqueline Iannacone Photography photograph. that capability is what photography is about. being noticed. causing a scene. getting known. all any of us ever want to do is get known. for something. anything. and maybe if they see me for one thing they’ll glance at my art. is that what this industry will be about? a series of people just trying to get seen above the other artist. is it a game of who can out do the other, who can offend the most people. who can cause the most chatter. for some i guess that’s what it’s about and since art is art is art is art, who am i to say it isn’t. i am not arguing that photographs featuring such graphic subjects as what i’ve outlined isn’t art, i just do not agree with the method. is it art or is it amateur art overly complicated mess? that’s for you to decide.  i for one am not going on that path.  i do not wish to make a scene over disgusting the public.  i’d rather have people talking about my art and my concept and my vision, the execution and love that went into my work. the guts. the goods. the glue.

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