Sunny New Mexico… where do I begin

Posted in Road Trip by Jacqueline Iannacone on June 18, 2010

Me in New Mexico

Let’s start with the best part about New Mexico; the accents… picture a mix of Native American, Southern and Mexican all wrapped into one out of this world; super chill lingo.  Now add in a dash of country with a Cowboy hat and a smile to top it all off and you have the perfect recipe for the locals along Route 66 in NM.  If it sounds like something you could only experience here; you’re spot on.  The locals here live and breathe New Mexican culture; hand-made quilts and pottery line the shelves at every corner store and gas station rest stop.  As one of the locals proclaimed, “If you’re not selling something in New Mexico, you’re a tourist.”

New Mexico I
This photo was taken as I was driving along Route 66. It best describes the culture of New Mexico…. local working man driving a clunker, Cowboy hat in place, riding into the sunset (or in this case, mid day sky… eek) no worries in sight.
New Mexico Local
Another part about New Mexico that I really enjoyed was the fresh air! The difference is quite literally breath-taking and can do wonders for the body and soul… the feeling of freedom hadn’t hit me until my first big breath of air, no words can describe how magnificent it felt… much like how no words can explain how beautiful the night sky is when unobstructed by city lights. I have to say; I never knew there were so many stars in our sky until I looked up while staying in Bluewater Lake State Park. I could not believe my eyes. For the first time in a long time I was speechless. The night sky was covered with glistening stars, one after the other after the other… the best moment of the trip thus far.
Clare Lakeside

The last part of New Mexico I’ll touch on… there are many, I could go for days if asked… was its landscape.  Gorgeous, magnificent, beautiful, majestic… all do not suffice.  There are so many different terrains in New Mexico that one word cannot sum up all its parts.  The first sight we camped in was in Santa Rosa State Park where there was basically a square area for your tent, a picnic table and fire pit among acres and acres of natural, untouched land.  Though it was gratifying because we felt like we were really roughing it (and we were) with this untouched terrain comes creatures of all shapes and sizes… we faced bob cats, tarantulas, the most viscous mosquitoes known to mankind, helicopter shaped (and 1.5 inch long) insects, eagles chipmunks and sakatas to name a few….

All in all I think it’s safe to say New Mexico gets my thumbs up

For more on the meaning behind this journey click here.
Detroit . Chicago . St.Louis . Tulsa . New Mexico . Grand Canyon . Las Vegas . Los Angeles . San Francisco . Yosemite . Memphis

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  1. Dad said,

    Hey Kid, The southwest is all like New Mexico; a natural beauty everywhere you turn. Glad you experienced it. Be sure to zipper up the tent tight. You don’t want any visitors in you tent. Yikes! Have fun in CA. Say hello to Clare; Be safe; love you. Dad

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