“Are you happy right now?”… “I’m in California”

Posted in Road Trip by Jacqueline Iannacone on July 5, 2010

I’m pretty sure there’s a law in California stating that if you aren’t a happy person you can not reside in sunny LA.  I could confidently say that the majority of the people we ran into were radiating joy.  Another great aspect about this place was the diversity we saw walking the streets of Hollywood… The images below illustrate two types of people I had the opportunity to photograph along Hollywood Boulevard.

A Local from Hollywood

Another Local from Hollywood

While Hollywood was great to see, there were parts of it… many parts of it where you just couldn’t help but think ‘What the hell is going on right now?’  Such questioning is explicit in this image below.

Spiderman getting arrested...

After our trip to Hollywood Blvd (which as a side note, smelt a lot like New York City in 98 degree weather… just lovely) we decided to try and find the Hollywood sign.  This trip was a bit harder than we had ever imagined… each road led into the other and the presence of wild coyotes was not a rarity.  Nonetheless, the outcome was pretty cool.

At the Hollywood sign

The next stop was Robertson Boulevard where we quickly got into our roles as posh Californians.  We only walked the strip for a couple of minutes because the heat was incredible but as we walked back we did spot Angela Simmons, Rev Run’s daughter.  Today Angela is the developer of a shoe line, PastryShoes.
Angela Simmons

One of the not so great aspects of Los Angeles is the traffic.  One second you can feel like you’re flying and are making fantastic time and the next you’re slamming on your breaks, realizing that the road you’re merging onto looks like this…

LA Traffic

My favorite part of California was the drive out of Beverly Hills to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway… I was astonished as the the environment went from dessert to farm to mountains to ocean in a matter of 20 minutes… it was a great way to leave the city for northern Cali.

Along Pacific Coast Hwy in California

Cali-for-ni-a, a great place to visit…

For more on the meaning behind this journey click here.
Detroit . Chicago . St.Louis . Tulsa . New Mexico . Grand Canyon . Las Vegas . Los Angeles . San Francisco . Yosemite . Memphis

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2 Responses to '“Are you happy right now?”… “I’m in California”'

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  1. Mommy said,

    Great shots and narrative Jackie…I look at some of the photos and get so excited that you’ve been there. Well, by now you are in Nashville and I hope you enjoy, stay safe in this wicked heat wave, and know I love you. And love to “The Brit” for me too! Can’t wait till Saturday…

  2. Dad said,

    Hey Kid, Now you can understand when people visit there, many times they stay there. The weather is the best in the country and the natural beauty is spectacular. Having said that Hollywood proper is a dump. Complete with the cheesy souvenier shops and cracked stars on the “Walk of Fame”. Earthquakes?? ahh Phooey! Photographs are great… love the people. Why was Superman being arrested? And as I have alway said you area a terrific writer. Your text is entertaining.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week…hope you can come to my concert next Thursday. Hi to Clare. Luva Ya Dad

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