Waterfalls and Mountains and Snow… Oh My!

Posted in Road Trip by Jacqueline Iannacone on July 18, 2010

Snow? In July? Yessir, you were not mistaken… there was snow – in abundance – at Yosemite. So much so that we couldn’t camp at the sites we had planned on initially because the water levels were still too high. This meant waking up at 6am to wait in line for a canceled reservation (otherwise we’d have to sleep on the side of the road with the wildlife!), it also meant fierce waterfalls like you couldn’t imagine.

My first waterfall

The water was so intense that in order for me to capture the river below I had to walk away from the falls otherwise my camera would have been soaked…
The river at the bottom of the waterfall

The second day we were there, Clare and I headed up Tioga Road to check out the snow keeping us from camping at a higher (aka cooler) elevation. On the way up the road we saw lots of things worth talking about… like a baby bear!

The coolest part of traveling is seeing all sorts of creatures, people included… in their natural state; having the opportunity to see a powerful wild animal such as a bear, in their natural environment was the highlight of Yosemite. In this photo it’s a bit hard to see the bear but we didn’t want to get too close considering that we could hear Mama bear in the woods breaking tree branches and sharpening her claws on tree bark…
Baby bear along Tioga road

Further down the road we got to the Lembert Dome… a mountain/large rock that the ranger suggested to people with absolutely zero hiking ability, aka us. This dome as they call it, was a lot of fun to climb up… about 10 minutes and a couple of rest stops later we were at the top looking at this…
360 of tioga road
(unfortunately the image is super long and not very tall but if you zoom in you can see everything a lot better.)

… Not to forget the image of me climbing to the top!
On the way up the rock

The feelings that developed while atop the Lembert Dome cannot be described with words.
Another view from the top

On the way back to Beetle Juice (that’s the Subaru’s name) we decided to get a little dirty and trek through the swamp like river… I guess that would be a meadow? I’m not sure but it was fun and felt amazing in the hot hot heat.
Clare and I crossing the river like champs

After our stay in Yosemite Clare and I decided to book it back to the eastern shore… We stopped one night in Salk Lake City, two in Colorado Springs then stayed in what we hoped would be a dodgy hotel in Wichita, Kansas but actually turned out to be a nice hotel (I guess this is where the monetary differences peer their heads, $60 for a hotel in NY gets you a cot in a roach infested closet… not so much in Kansas). Speaking of Kansas, avoid driving through this state at all costs, it is flat, it is boring and it is mind numbing.

Next stop Memphis…
For more on the meaning behind this journey click here.
Detroit . Chicago . St.Louis . Tulsa . New Mexico . Grand Canyon . Las Vegas . Los Angeles . San Francisco . Yosemite . Memphis

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