The gig is up.

Posted in Road Trip by Jacqueline Iannacone on August 18, 2010

You don’t get much more patriotic than spending the 4th of July in Nashville.  This fireworks show was better than Disney’s.  That basically says it all.

Happy 4th!

A fantastic part about Nashville is its musical influences. Clare and I lucked out by staying with the coolest, most down to earth Nashvillian EVER who also happened to be a band promoter. Translation she’s got connections. The type of connections that produce music, in a music studio, with all that super expensive stuff you see on P. Diddy’s Making the Band… (don’t front, you all know you used to be addicted) I felt pretty legit walking into a working music studio in the largest music city in the states. I learned a lot about the process of song writing and production… Lets just say that recording a song is a lot more intense than I ever could have imagined.

(Pay no mind to the poor quality images, my phone did her best)

The sound board… where everything is controlled and manipulated… aka what Britney Spears depends on to make her sound decent.
Beach Creek Studio IV

The view from the board looking into the booth? I think it’s booth… But whatever it is, each room is specially designed to make the acoustics sound perfect.
Beach Creek Studio III

Those white tube like things that look like a kittens scratching pole are used to bounce the sound and make it sound fuller… pretty cool if you ask me.
Beach Creek Studio II

What’s a studio without a sweet drum set…
Beach Creek Studio I

… and a bitchin’ collection of guitars…
Beach Creek Studio V

… o yea and let’s not forget the microphone that um, Aretha Franklyn sang through. Yea, I know, impressive.
Beach Creek Studio VI

Next stop DC…

For more on the meaning behind this journey click here.
Detroit . Chicago . St.Louis . Tulsa . New Mexico . Grand Canyon . Las Vegas . Los Angeles . San Francisco . Yosemite . Memphis . Nashville . DC

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