day forty one

fact number fortysix: i have not control over who my heart decides to fall for.

today has brought about a lot of questions… all of which have yet to be answered but will be in time. all it takes it time, for something to fall into, out of, into and back out of place… the key here is having the patience to wait for the right moment, when there is an undeniable, irresistable connection, when things fall back into place. and stay in place. when you have no reservation about who you are, when you are completely perfect in the eyes of someone else, when they build you up during your journey instead of doubting your destination… that is when things will get in place and stay in place. when life just seems to work. without much effort, with such grace and ease, life will be perceived as perfection. something worth waiting for.

love is on that list of things i am waiting for, but chiefly on that list lies the patience of waiting for when life simply and purely… works.

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